20 November 2015

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

I thought for days if I had to write something about what happened in Paris one week ago and I think everything has been said so I won't add any particular point of view.

But I know that I have particularly been touched because it happened in a city where I've been, and that it's just a 2-hours flight from where I am. Yesterday there were false bomb alerts in Rome and Milan, and metro has been closed. 

Fear and anger are feelings very common these days and sometimes I had just to stop watching the news because I felt like I needed to regain some sort of calm, maybe listening to music, reading a book, cooking or watching something that could make me laugh or at least not think about what is happening around the world just for a few hours.

So for this week, I'm not wishing you a happy weekend, I think it's a bit out of place, but please let's spread love and kindness around us!