11 September 2015

Let's do it: Decluttering

As fall approaches and hottest temperatures have left us (meaning that sleeveless tops and shorts can go back to the closet), I feel it's really time to declutter.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I started cleaning kitchen cabinets last month, now it's time to sort out cooking magazines, that have been stealing space from books, next stop: bedroom closet.

For this reason I signed up for Apartment Therapy: The closet cure

And it seems it's time for declutter season, in fact I found other interesting tips for decluttering on Oh Joy! Yesterday's post, who's been decluttering her home recently.

And finally, a good read, again on Apartment Therapy  Why does getting rid of stuff feel so good? 

So I will definitely be decluttering this week-end (or at least start to), will you? 

Happy (decluttering) week-end!

Photo via DeathToStock